About APOA

Mission Statement:

“The Board of Directors of the Applewood Property Owners Association shall promote a sense of community towards enhancing the livability, safety, welfare, and interests of Applewood property owners in an effort to create the best possible neighborhood experience.”

The Applewood Property Owners Association (APOA) is a voluntary organization that was set up in 1957 to help guide and protect the interests of the Applewood neighborhood and its surrounding environs. Homeowners and other residents who live within our borders (see border information below) may join if they choose to, but are not required to join. Any dues the members approve are completely voluntary.

Over the years the APOA has helped to reject development and advocate for the preservation of the South Table Mountain mesa, has provided input and guidance to the County and developers on issues such as traffic flow, zoning, and development, and has worked to connect neighbors and build a strong community. As recently as 2015 - 2016, APOA led the movement to reject the rezoning and development of the Applewood Golf Course, and subsequently worked with our neighbors to help Prospect Recreation and Park District purchase and preserve the land in perpetuity. APOA has also pivoted towards connecting neighbors to foster community with events such as our Outdoor Movie Night, Music in the Park, and neighborhood picnics and block parties.

The APOA has historically played a role in informing residents on their respective covenants in the neighborhood. However, APOA is not a homeowners' association. It does not have the capability to enforce deed restrictions or place liens or assessments against property, and it does not provide services or common facilities. In 2014, the APOA Board re-affirmed that the Board has little authority to enforce the historical covenants and chose to no longer play a role in researching old covenants or resolving neighbor disputes, so the Architectural Review Committee was disbanded.

The APOA covers the area bounded by Clear Creek on the North, South Table Mountain on the West, 20th Avenue on the South, and I-70 on the East - excepting the Hutchinson homes South of 26th and East of Eldridge St.