Board Members

Members of the APOA Board are elected to 2-year terms, with elections being held at the APOA Annual Meeting in April of each year.  The members of the Board then elect their own officers.  If you have any interest in serving on the APOA Board, please contact a board member.  The time requirements are minimal and you can have a significant impact.

You can reach the entire APOA Board via email:

The current members of the APOA board, and their terms, are as follows:

Brian Hansen - President (term expires 2025)

Katie Wither - Secretary (term expires 2024)

Tim Murphy (term expires 2024)

Stephanie Gilbert (term expires 2025)

Danielle Radovich (term expires 2024)

Jonathan Siefert  (term expires 2024)

Caitlyn DiSanto (term expires 2025)

Tina Ollenburg (term expires 2024)

Laurel Petralia (term expires 2025)

Roni Teitelbaum (term expires 2024)

Lexie Hennen (term expires 2025)

*** Please email us at if you are interested in serving on the APOA board.

Select committee on Save Applewood Golf Course

There are several people, in addition to existing members of the APOA Board, that have worked in various capacities as an extension of the APOA Board on the Save Applewood Golf Course efforts.  They are:

- Kathy Lower

- Roni Teitelbaum

- Marianne Ortiz