APOA board meeting

Post date: Jun 1, 2016 7:19:39 PM

The APOA board will be meeting on 6/7 at 7pm at the West Metro firehouse at 20th and Eldridge in their small training room. All board meetings are open, and we are working on making our meetings more transparent. If you would like to attend, please notify the APOA board via email (myapoaboard@gmail.com) ahead of time to ensure that we have enough space in the meeting room. If there is a large response, we will be likely need to move locations and will need some time to set that up and communicate it out.

Agenda tentatively stands at:

1) Revisiting our insurance policy. David has done some digging and concluded that our current policy is way too much insurance for what we do (which we already assumed). Kim Naughtin has a policy for the events that she puts on, and I am waiting to get that info from her so we can present it.

2) Pinning down budgets and approving them for:

- Report on dues collection from David, and budget for the year

- Concert series (King estimated $500 per show; $1500 total)

- Outdoor movie night (cost us approx $650 last year - Kim Naughtin's publication covered $650 as well, which she has committed to for this year too)

- Neighborhood picnic (what were costs from last year - other than Arbor House rental?)

3) Planning/advertising the concert series. Does King need help with setup, getting the word out, organizing concessions?

4) Other items:

- Discuss electronic newsletter

- Discuss 2nd notice postcard for folks who have not remitted their dues yet.