Clear Creek Crossing links and documents

Post date: Feb 8, 2018 4:35:52 AM

Your APOA Board is tracking this activity, engaging neighbors and friends on NextDoor and our Applewood Neighbors Facebook page, and reaching out to the developer, Wheat Ridge, and Jeffco Schools.

Here are the links to all of the info available from Wheat Ridge right now. I have an email in to our Jeffco school board member to ask about student estimates for the development and which schools they would go to. I also have a records request with WR to get the actual slide decks used in the presentations, since you couldn't see them in the video. Finally, I have an email in to Tyler Carlson at Evergreen and he is going to get me some updated numbers for expected residential units, traffic numbers, etc for their planned use with the 90ft max height that they are requesting for the commercial and residential sites. So we should have more info by early next week, and I'll post info when I get it. But, yes, people should plan to attend the Feb 12th 7pm Wheat Ridge City Council meeting if they have any questions or concerns.

Here is the video of the Jan 8th Wheat Ridge City Council Meeting where this change was kind of sprung on the council (the link should take you to the pertinent part of the video).

Here is the video of the recent planning meeting. I watched it at 1.5 speed since the pace is pretty slow.

You can barely read the slides, but if you squint you can see that they are requesting max heights for PA-1, PA-2, and PA-3 of up to 90ft, PA-4 is 50ft, PA-5, PA-6, and PA-7 are 65ft, and PA-8 is designated 'open space' with a max building height of 35ft. PA-1 is the hospital area presumably - "The Mill" in the marketing video. And PA-2 is the "Homestead", the residential development area. Parcel PA-5 is likely to be a hotel.

And here is the marketing video created by the developer. Again, it presents the development with all 1-2 story structures - which is misleading given that they are obviously applying for rezoning to much higher building heights, but it gives the idea of what kind of 'place' they are trying to create.

Note: updated to attach slides and meeting minutes from Wheat Ridge.