Email group coming soon

Post date: May 25, 2013 4:02:36 AM

Hi everyone. In response to the discussion at our Annual Meeting in April, we will be adding an email discussion group for the neighborhood, in addition to the existing neighborhood Facebook page. The email group will be closed, meaning you will need to be approved to be able to view or post topics. We hope this will prevent spam and 'trolls' who only seek to post inflammatory or malicious content. Similar to the Facebook page, APOA Board will approve users who are allowed to post to the email group.

However, we have a similar disclaimer as well. The postings to that email group do not represent any official opinion or position of the neighborhood associations or the directors of any such organizations. Nor do they represent the views of a majority of the residents. Applewood's Associations and their Boards of Directors are under no obligation to respond to the postings or inquiries made on this site or to base their actions on the postings.

Check back to this site's Announcements to hear about when the email discussion group starts up. If you have submitted your email address to the APOA before, you will likely receive an invite and announcement of this group as well.