JeffCo Open Space 2014-2019 Master Plan

Post date: May 5, 2014 2:08:34 AM

The Jeffco Open Space 2014-2019 Master Plan has been posted to our website for you to view and share. Along with the online document are a number of links and PDF files that were resources for the development of the plan. This webpage dedicated to the Master Plan also contains the series of Master Plan Maps 1-10. You will find an Executive Summary that features our vision, mission, values, goals, acquisition criteria and process along with Map 2 illustrating the Private and Public Open Spaces and Parks without the Pike National Forest. Here is a link to the Master Plan webpage:

You may also view the Master Plan using a digital publishing site for a virtual book experience at Jeffco Open Space 2014-2019 Master Plan - issuu. Please note that to view the resources for the Master Plan you will need to visit the Master Plan webpage listed above.